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A selection of local news articles which mention Sue Ferguson in Tenterden and in her role as a Town Councillor


April 2019: Sue Ferguson standing in the Tenterden Town Council elections on Thursday 2 May 2019, read my election leafletVote for Sue Ferguson

Kentish Express February 2019: Sue Ferguson on the organising committee of the brand new Spirit of Tenterden Festival in Tenterden
Spirit of Tenterden festival


Kentish Express November 2018: Sue Ferguson on the prospect of moving the A&E in Ashford to a new hospital in Canterbury ... "it takes more than an hour to get from Tenterden to Canterbury" there is a real prospect that seriously ill patients will not be able to get to hospital within the "golden hour" "the first hour after major injury when emergency treatment is most effective"
Save the William Harvey A&E

Kentish Express 28 September 2018: "very disappointed in the quality of the work, it's a bodge job" read the full story by clicking on the image below
Highbury Lane Tenterden

Kentish Express 6 September: Delight as developers decide to ditch traffic lights proposal. Click on the image to read the story
Beacon Oak Road Traffic Lights decision

Kentish Express 26 July 2018: Beacon Oak Road/A28 Junction Review
Beacon Oak Road A28 Junction Tenterden

Kentish Express 19 July 2018: Beacon Oak Road/A28 Junction in Tenterden, compact roundabout versus traffic lights, gridlock fears over plans for traffic lights at busy junction
Beacon Oak Road A28 Junction Tenterden

Kentish Express 1 January 2018: Potholes plague in Tenterden
Potholes in Tenterden



Kentish Express 9 November 2017: Helping at the Litter Pick in Tenterden

Litter Pick in Tenterden

Kentish Express 26 October 2017: Dr Raymond Crawfurd receives freedom of Tenterden

Dr Crawfurd freedom of Tenterden

Kentish Express 19 October 2017: Boundary Review Changes - Damian Green to lose Tenterden "Damian has worked well for Tenterden" click on the article to read more

Boundary Changes sad to lose Damian Green

Kentish Express 17 August 2017: Affordable Housing in Tent1, U-turn by Ashford Borough Council

Affordable Housing Tent1

Kentish Express 13 July 2017: Resolving a water leak in St Michaels, click on the photo

Water leak St Michaels

Kentish Express 13 July 2017: Tenterden Town Council Civic Service (Mayor's Sunday) on Sunday 9 July 2017

Civic Service and Mayors Sunday 2017

Kentish Express 18 May 2017: Sue Ferguson elected Deputy Mayor

Deputy Mayor Sue Ferguson

Kentish Express 20 April 2017: The heading in the paper was "Ghost town" but Tenterden is NOT a ghost town but there are 16 empty shops (and another one when Lloyds Bank closes up), read the 3 page article "High Street fights for survival as parking charges increase"

Ghost Towm empty shops


Kentish Express 20 April 2017: Sue & Bill Ferguson volunteering at the Kent & East Sussex Railway

Sue and Bill volunteers Wealden Pullman


Kentish Express 8 April 2017: "if people really want a cinema in Tenterden, they should come forward now"
Focus Groups

Kentish Express 2 March 2017: Christmas Market meeting

Christmas Market meeting


Kentish Express 23 Feb 2017: Light up Pavements for the smartphone zombies

Smartphone zombies


Kentish Express 9 February 2017: CCTV anger in Tenterden, what's the point if it can't stop petty crime, click on image to read the whole artice

CCTV Tenterden


Kentish Express 9 February 2017: Tenterden Christmas Market Feedback meeting and survey for local shops, businesses and stallholders

Christmas Market feedback


SO Magazine February 2017 "Love Where you Live - Tenterden"

Love Where you Live Tenterden SO Magazine

Lover Where you Live Tenterden SO Magazine


Kentish Express 8 December 2016: Tenterden Christmas Market Opinion

Christmas Market Opinion


Kentish Express 1 December 2016: Tenterden Christmas Fayre
Christmas Market


Kentish Express 10 November 2016: Charity Shop comment - lack of volunteers in Tenterden

Charity Shops - comment

Kentish Express 3 November 2016: Charity Shops in Tenterden

Charity Shops in Tenterden

Kentish Express 20 October 2016: The Tenterden App is live!

The Tenterden app is live

Kentish Express 15 September 2016: Private firm takes over the Christmas Market

Sue Ferguson Tenterden Christmas Fair

Kentish Express August 2016: Closing Shops in Tenterden
Closing shops

Kentish Express 7 July 2016: Tenterden app prepares for launch

Tenterden app

Kentish Express 16 June 2016: A new independent website for Tenterden

Letter Sue Ferguson

Kentish Express 7 June 2016: Chamber split leaves a tangled web as alternative site is set up

Chamber of Commerce

Kentish Express 19 May 2016: Tenterden - a dog friendly town

Tenterden dog friendly town

Kentish Express 26 May 2016: Welcome to the Jungle... otherwise known as a phonebox

Phone Box Fat Ox

PHone Box Fat Ox

Kentish Express 28 April 2016: Reading the proclamation at the lighting of the beacon for The Queen's 90th Birthday
Queens birthday beacon

Kentish Express 21 April 2016: support for the proposed McCarthy & Stone development in Tenterden, read the whole article
Support for McCarthy & Stone

Kentish Express 10 March 2016: Remove vandalised phone box
Vandalised phone box

Kentish Express 25 February 2016: Phone boxes are an eyesore
Phone boxes in Tenterden

Phone boxes in Tenterden

Kentish Express 18 February 2016: Support for the Tenterden Loyalty Card
SuUpport for the Tenterden Loyalty Card

Kentish Express 11 February 2016: Cycling in Tenterden
Cycling in Tenterden

Kentish Express 28 January 2016: Parking in Tenterden
Parking and residents

Kentish Express 28 January: Tenterden Watch (TownNet Radio for Tenterden)
Tenterden Watch

Kentish Express 21 January 2016: Parking in Tenterden

Parking in Tenterden


Kentish Express 10 November: More volunteers wanted for next year's Christmas Market
Christmas Market volunteers wanted

Kentish Express 19 November: Sue Ferguson goes to Parliament. Trip to the Houses of Parliament with the Wealden Business Group

Wealden Business Group goes to the Houses of Parliament

Kentish Express 5 November: We must take care to protect "Brand Tenterden"

Tenterden new website

Kentish Express 5 November 2015: Facelift for St Michael's toilets in bid to beat vandals. Let's play classical music to deter vandals

Classical music to deter vandals

Kentish Express 29 October 2015: Tenterden Christmas Market video Video Tenterden Christmas Market

Kentish Express 29 October 2015: The London Beach presenting a cheque to the Chamber of Commerce following a charity golf dayChamber of Commerce golf day

Kentish Express October 2015: How do we make streets more friendly to cyclists

Cycling in Tenterden

Kentish Express 8 October 2015: The Tenterden Loyalty Card "a phenomenal success"

Loyalty Card

Kentish Express 23 September 2015: Extra Folk Festival grant "a very valuable tourist attraction"Folk Festival grant

Kentish Express 17 September 2015: Charity Shop Trail "a bad idea"Charity Shop Trail

Kentish Express 27 August 2015: Tenterden Christmas Festival Market planning in August

Tenterden Christmas Market

Kentish Express 23 July 2015: Suggestion by Sue Ferguson to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday ... click on the image to read the whole story

Queens 90th birthday

Kentish Express 23 July 2015: Higgledy-piggledy market needs sorting, Sue Ferguson said "there is a lot of room for improvement, more advertising is needed to improve vibrancy and buzz and help for the stallholders to make the stalls more uniform and pretty"

Tenterden Street Market

Kentish Express 23 July 2015: Mobile phone customers joy at improved coverage, Sue Ferguson said "we've bashed Vodafone for years and years about their poor service in Tenterden and now I think we should be praising them"

Vodafone improvements

Kentish Express 9 July 2015: "Wrongly set traffic lights brought gridlock to Tenterden High Street"

Traffic lights Tenterden

Kentish Express 9 July 2015: Broken glass on the Recreation Ground again!Broken Glass Recreation Ground

Kentish Express 2 July 2015: Chamber calls for cash to help cover website costs

Tenterden Town website

Kentish Express: 2 July 2015: The Town Council will use Participatory Budgetting (see ...) - local people will be asked

Tent1 Participatory Budgeting

Kentish Express 18 June 2015: Webbs: "Much loved store rises from the ashes" The hoardings are off ...

Webbs fire

Kentish Express 18 June 2015: Mayor's Sunday
Sue Ferguson Mayor's Sunday

Kentish Express 18 June 2015: Tenterden Savers official opening. "Cllr Sue Ferguson, who was on the committee setting up Tenterden Savers, said "there were two arms to it. We are a branch of Kent Savers so we can offer loans for as little as £300 and we are helping people in need with various issues" she said. "Those who need help to get their lives back together can talk to someone who understands""
Tenterden Savers official opening

Kentish Express 14 May 2015: "Yellow lines move welcomed". Click on the photo to read the whole article

Yellow lines Tenterden

Kentish Express 30 April 3015: Crackdown on bottles on the Recreation Ground
Glass bottles on the Recreation Ground

Kentish Express 30 April 2015: Town Council survey ... do residents want a cinema in Tenterden? We need to find out

Town Council survey

Kentish Express 16 April: call for volunteers for Tenterden Savers
Volunteers wanted for Tenterden Savers

Kentish Express 9 April 2015: Speaking about Tenterden Savers at the Annual Town Meeting
Tenterden Savers - Annual Town Meeting

Kentish Express 19 March 2015: Ox Lane potholes. KCC commented after the meeting that drainage work needs to be undertaken in the new budget year, and they will tackle the potholes at the same time. Let's hope so!
Ox Lane Potholes
Ox Lane potholes

Kentish Express 12 March 2015: Town Councillor Sue Ferguson in action during the Rotary Club Swimarathon
Sue Ferguson Tenterden Rotary Club Swimarathon

Kentish Express 12 March 2015: Tenterden Savers gears up to launch in June. Call for volunteers
Tenterden Savers launching June

Kentish Express 5 February 2015: Vodafone leaves Tenterden out of rural expansion scheme. OK Vodafone, what is Plan B to get Vodafone 3G into Tenterden?
Vodafone says no to Rural Open Sure Scheme for Tenterden

Kentish Express 15 January 2015: Tenterden Savers
Tenterden Savers

Kentish Express 15 January 2015: Sue Ferguson to look into rejuvenating Town Council Residents Surgeries
Town Council Residents Surgeries


Kent Police Online question and answer forum 17 December 2014: with Assistant Chief Constable Jo Shiner and Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes
Kent Police online Q&A forum

Kentish Express 18 December 2014: Raising questions about our local police "worrying considering that there have been so many burglaries in shops and houses ... we no longer have a dedicated PC"
Tenterden disappearing policemen

Kentish Express 27 November 2014: Tenterden Savers: a credit union and community hub for Tenterden. Sue Ferguson, the publicity lead, at the open meeting to publicise Tenterden Savers (one of the presenters).
Tenterden Savers, a credit union and community hub for Tenterden

SO Magazine: Wealden Edition November, p.77
Sue Ferguson with the Duchess of Cornwall (bottom left)
Duchess of Cornwall with Sue Ferguson

Kentish Express 16 October 2014
Parking in Tenterden "Cllr Sue Ferguson said something had to be done to get commuter cars off residential streets" "We need fairness for Tenterden. You cannot have workers in Ashford paying one amount and people in Tenterden paying much more"
Parking in Tenterden

Kentish Express 16 October 2014
Recording Town Council meetings is a great step forward for transparency and the quality of debate. The ability to go back and 100% confirm what was said in Council Chambers has to good for the people of Tenterden. I want all recordings to be published on the Town Council website so people can easily access them. We live in a modern digital world and we [the Town Council] should encompass it rather than hiding ourselves away.Recording Tenterden Town Council Meetings

Kentish Express 9 October 2014
Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal 3G aplication for Tenterden and St Michaels has now been submitted "Town Councillor Sue Ferguson ... spearheading a campaign to get the town included in a rural open sure scheme" to get Vodafone 3G into the town.

Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal application for Tenterden

Kentish Express 2 October 2014
My letter in the Kentish Express. We need cheap or free parking for the low paid shop workers in Tenterden. My letter was cropped a bit but the jist of it was published.

Shop workers parking Tenterden

Kentish Express 18 September 2014
Christmas lights again. We said we would light all of the 22 High Street trees this year so let's not go back on our word. I tried to refer to previous reports in the Kentish Express at Council which concurred with this but when I stood to mention my point I was interrupted by the mayor and told to sit down "we don't want to hear [you]". Video coming

Christmas Lights

Kentish Express 4 September 2014
Vodafone Rural Open Sure Scheme: Vodafone 3G signal. There is so much enthusiasm from the community for this to go ahead and it will benefit our town, residents, businesses and visitors. I am not impressed that some older councillors tried to block this going through. £30/year of Town Council money!

Vodafone Rural Open Sure Scheme

Kentish Express 4 September 2014
We need a proper sound system at the Town Hall so that members of the public can hear what is going on. "Councillor Sue Ferguson said that a poor sound system did not encourage members of the public to attend council meetings"

Town Hall Sound System


Kentish Express 4 September 2014
The toilets and play park on St Michaels Recreation Ground are too dark at night and this is encouraging anti social behaviour. Some simple PIR lighting and slightly trimming back the branches near to the CCTV would significantly help. One to watch.

Light St Michaels Recreation Ground

Kentish Express 4 September 2014
Let's sort the Tenterden Christmas Lights once and for all for the people. Just think how many tourists a spectacular lighting display would bring into the town, how much money would come into the town, how much goodwill there would be. We promised the people we would light 22 High Street trees so let's do it. Let's not say "yes we promised to do it but not when we would do it".

Christmas lights

Kentish Express 10 July 2014
The West Cross pelican crossing is something I brought up at the last Highways meeting. It is too close to the main traffic lights and drivers do not always "see" the crossing as their focus is on the junction traffic lights ahead. Some residents have said it is dangerous, others have been frightened to cross there as they see car drivers paying no attention to the red traffic light. I suggested to KCC member Mike Hill that road markings could be painted on the road to make the road appear narrower and then re-evaluvate a short while after that to see if that helps.

West Cross pelican crossing

Kentish Express 10 July 2014
The cycle path along the old railway track between Tenterden and St Michaels needs finishing! Over the past few years this has been brought up many times by several groups including the local cycle group and several years ago (perhaps about 5 years ago) Kent County Council turned up on site to tarmac the outstanding part (about half its length) but disappeared as swiftly as they had turned up without the work being done despite letters to local residents saying it would be done. There were rumours about great spotted newts in the small pond however rumours only.

Cycle path Tenterden

Old Railway track: Drury Road entrance (off Haffenden Road/Turners Avenue)Old Railway track Drury Road entrance


Kentish Express 10 July 2014
Actually this was two completely separate points 1) there is nowhere to park workers vans in Tenterden other than in the side streets as they are too loo large for the spaces in the car parks, and 2) we should consider providing a dedicated space and facilities for motor homes to park up in the town overnight (rather like the French aieres) to bring economic benefit to Tenterden.
Workers Vans car parks

Kentish Express 12 June 2014
Elderly residents are too scared to use the West Cross pedestrian crossing, and it's not convenient for the Post Office

Pelican Crossing West Cross


Kentish Express 12 June 2014
Grass cutting: Wheelie bins are not always moved when workmen cut the grass

Grass verges in Tenterden

Kentish Express 12 June 2014
Sue Ferguson part of the organising team for the Business, Tourism and Community Fair, what a success !

Business Fair Tenterden

Kentish Express 1 May 2014
Sue Ferguson reading up on Kent County Council's "Safe and Sensible" programme which involves the turning off the street lights from midnight until 5.30am to save money however KCC has now reported they don't actually own many of the street lamp columns in Tenterden so some confusion here. A mixed response from residents about KCC's plan. Some are firmly in favour of the switch off, however some residents are firmly against because of a possible increase in crime.
Safe and Sensible lighting kent county council

Kentish Express 10 April 2014
Helping to promote the re-launch of the Tenterden loyalty card Tenterden loyalty card launch at Tesco

Kentish Express 20 March 2014
Potholes ! Lots of them in Tenterden, apparently according to Kent Highways the constant rain was more damaging than very cold weather. Sue Ferguson headed up a campaign to get the A28 repaired east of Turners Avenue

Potholes in Tenterden

Tenterden potholes

Kentish Express 6 February 2014
Following a complaint by Cllr Sue Ferguson the Estate Agents boards at the corner of Turners Avenue and Ashford Road are to be removed

Estate Agent boards

Kentish Express 6 February 2014
Cllr Sue Ferguson asking the Ashford TCAT team to come to Tenterden to help clear up chewing gum on the pavements

Chewing gum in Tenterden

Kentish Express 31 January 2014
Bill and Sue Ferguson were the quizmasters at the Pilgrims Hospice quiz in Tenterden, a job they have done for 13 years

pilgrims hospice quiz Tenterden

Kentish Express 23 January 2014
Two recharging points for electric cars for Tenterden. On balance, I think it is a good idea. It shows ABC are thinking about greener issues. "Great news for the town - if they are used". Let's hope the charging tariff is reasonable.

Electric points for cars


Kentish Express 23 January 2014
Tenterden website visitors up last year. Cllr Sue Ferguson runs the website for Tenterden Chamber of Commerce. "We need to compete with lots of other towns in Kent and East Sussex. It is now a very digital age and we need to be visible online. We need to make it easy for tourists to find Tenterden online and we need to show the world and the media we mean business ... "

Tenterden website stats


Kentish Express 5 December 2013
Supporting local clubs, societies and businesses in their wish to get information and posters onto the Town Hall noticeboard ahead of out of town event posters

Town Hall Noticeboard

Kentish Express 28 November 2013
Scaffolding ruining trade at the Fairings

Scaffolding at the Fairings

Kentish Express 28 November 2013
Christmas lights installation at East Cross Gardens, Tenterden
Jonathan Medes and Sue Ferguson from the Chamber of Commerce with the installation team

Christmas lights 2013 East Cross Gardens

Kentish Express 28 November 2013
Proliferation of Estate Agents boards at the top of Turners Avenue, Tenterden

Estate agent boards Turners Avenue Tenterden

Estate Agent Boards Turners Avenue

Kentish Express 21 November 2013
Prioritising the Town Hall noticeboard

Tenterden Town Council noticeboard

Kentish Express 7 November 2013
Tenterden High Street Fire

Tenterden High Street fire

BBC Radio Kent interview with Sue Ferguson
6 November 2013

Kentish Express 31 October 2013
Tenterden Christmas lights

Tenterden Christmas Lights

Kentish Express 24 October 2013
Christmas lights - fundraising

Christmas lights fundraising

Kentish Express 3 October 2013
Friday Shoplifting and Crime

Friday shoplifting and crime
Cllr Sue Ferguson: concerned not only about the cost of the Town-Net system for traders but also how popular the system is


Kentish Express 25 July 2013
Tourism - Fields of Poverty

Sue Ferguson tourism and fields of poverty
Cllr Sue Ferguson said about tourism "we should be more specific towards Tenterden. This is a tourist town and we should be hugely supportive of that. We can do things, we just have to find ways of doing them. The only failure is failure of not trying"


Kentish Express 2 May 2013
Clean up Day 2013 in Tenterden 28 April 2013
Clean up Day Tenterden 2013
"Sue Ferguson, Mayor of Tenterden Robin Wade and Jeff Hickmott sorting the rubbish for recycling at Tenterden recreation ground" Below: Sue Ferguson with volunteers and the rubbish collected by Sue before she arrived at the Recreation Ground (cans, bottles, red bucket, cardboard and much more)

Clean up Day 2013 with volunteers


Kentish Express 25 April 2013
Election candidates for Tenterden South Ward 2 May 2013
Tenterden South Ward Election 2013

"Sue Ferguson, 57, of St Benets Court, is a chiropodist who has lived in Tenterden for 28 years. She is campaigning for openness, fairness, commitment and transparency under the slogan Working for Tenterden, Working for You. Mrs Ferguson is married to Bill and is heavily involved with Tenterden Chamber of Commerce, managing the town website."

Kentish Express 11 April 2013
Sue Ferguson involved with the planning of the Love Tenterden loyalty card

Love Tenterden loyalty card

Kentish Express 11 April 2013
Election candidates for Tenterden South By-Election 2 May 2013Tenterden South By-election candidates Sue Ferguson, Callum Knowles, Malcom Everett


Kentish Express 4 April 2013
Helping to organise the Love Tenterden loyalty card scheme, Sue Ferguson holding iPad in the centre of the photo


Kentish Express 17 January 2013
Highlighting the state of the grass verges

Kentish Express 10 January 2013
Information from Sue Ferguson, the Tenterden Town website editor



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