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Tenterden Elections

The last local council elections in Tenterden were on Thursday 2 May 2019. I stood in Tenterden North Ward in the Tenterden Town Council election. Thank you for voting for me!

Sue Ferguson election 2019

Where is Tenterden North Ward?
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Tenterden North Ward

Wards for the 2019 Elections

In the 2019 elections in Tenterden there were four Tenterden Town Council wards with a varying number of councillors representing each ward:
Tenterden North: 5 Tenterden Town councillors
Tenterden South: 4 Tenterden Town councillors
Tenterden West: 2 Tenterden Town councillors
St Michaels: 5 Tenterden Town councillors
Making a total of 16 Town Councillors representing Tenterden

There were also elections in 2019 for:
4 Ashford Borough Councillors to represent Tenterden

Previous elections
Tenterden is also represented by one Kent County Councillor (Mike Hill) elected in 2017, and one MP for Ashford (Damian Green, conservative, was elected in 2017)

2015 Elections

I was elected at the local elections on 7th May 2015 and became a Tenterden North Town councillor (this was an uncontested election; four people stood for four positions). Before that I was a Tenterden South Ward Tenterden Town Councillor, elected in 2013 following a by-election

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